A1103 Active Cell Balancer With Optocoupler and balancing voltage adjustment

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A1103 Balancer lithium battery cell with optocoupler and balancing voltage adjustment.
Actuation voltage - 4.00-4.20V
Balancing current - 150 mA for 6 balancing resistors; -80 mA for 2 balancing resistors.
In the process of charging / discharging a lithium battery, due to the spread of internal resistance and self-discharge of the cells of which it consists, they (cells) are unbalanced (different voltage on the cells).
The balancer allows you to limit the upper voltage threshold for the cells. Actuation voltage - 4.13V
This happens by shunting the cell with a load resistor. As a result, excess energy is converted into heat.
This model is a balancer with an optocoupler. The optocoupler turns on when the balancer is turned on. The output transistor of the optocoupler can be used to signal the beginning of balancing. Balancing current - 500 mA.